Gate installation details

This time we have a close-up of installing a gate. This one is halfway along one of the sides of the long-flat paddock from the last post. We’d already installed one of the posts which the gate is swung from before starting the video, so it picks up after that.

The posts serve a dual-purpose of swinging the gate, as well as acting as tensioning posts for the wire fence which runs off in either direction. The posts are dug into the ground and the soil around them compressed to make them nice and solid. Next a bracing post is installed at an angle to counteract the pull of the fencing wire. The wire itself is 3-4 runs of wire running maybe 50-100m in either direction to the next tensioning poles. They use a special insert and a tool to tension the wires to pull them very tight.

The installation is relatively simple, as there is a whole system for these metal fences/gates. The posts are all standard sizes, and you buy the adapters for the bracing posts and gate swing kits which all connect together in a modular way. Slightly more expensive than using wooden poles, but significantly quicker.

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